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Murkowski Recognized As Leader Against Surging Obesity Crisis

With a recent study indicating the United States of America is the most obese country in the world and that the nation's obesity rate has reached an all-time high, Senator Lisa Murkowski continues to support efforts to raise and maintain nutrition standards for school children - and adults - nationwide. This morning, Senator Murkowski received the Campaign to End Obesity's "Breakfast of Champions" award, recognizing her consistent dedication to championing legislation to help fight our nation's … Continue Reading


Alaska Anti-Missile Radar “Absolutely Vital,” MDA Head Tells Murkowski

Senator Lisa Murkowski today questioned the head of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) about a significant new advancement in the national defense: the long range discrimination radar system, which MDA has publicly implied will be built in Alaska. Given Senator Murkowski's advocacy for this project - and Alaska's ideal location (letter attached) - she sought clarity on where the process stands, given the stated ten year timetable for construction. Vice Admiral James Syring, Director of the MDA, … Continue Reading


Murkowski on Student Loans, Cites Need for “True Improvements that Work for Every Student”

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today shared the concerns of Alaskans about the problem of student debt, while expressing misgivings with the approach proposed by Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren - stressing the need for a bipartisan debate and her willingness to make higher education more attainable and affordable for Alaska's students. Earlier today, Senator Murkowski voted to begin debate on the bill in order to present ideas and alternatives to the Warren concept th… Continue Reading


Alaska Senators Congratulate Alaska Aces on ECHL Championship

U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich introduced a Senate Resolution (attached) today congratulating the Alaska Aces on their win of the Kelly Cup, clinching their third East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) championship in nine years, and demonstrating once again that Alaskans are dominant on the ice. "On behalf of Alaska Aces fans, Congratulations to this year's team for winning a Championship Hat Trick, becoming only the third ECHL team to stack up three Kelly Cup titles," said Senator Lisa… Continue Reading


Murkowski Responds to VA Audit’s Alaska Findings

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the Alaska results of the Department of Veterans Affairs audit: "The Anchorage findings from the VA's nationwide audit are encouraging, but it's important to note these figures only represent a single, momentary snapshot that reflects a number of proactive moves made by the Anchorage outpatient clinic to reduce a backlog that reportedly reached 900 late last year. "I am proud that the Anchorage VA leads the system in partnerships with community provide… Continue Reading


Murkowski Welcomes Jenna Mason to Communications Team

Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced Jenna Mason has joined her Washington, DC office as her new Press Assistant. "Jenna will be a tremendous asset to my communications team," Murkowski said, "As an Alaskan transplanted to the East Coast, she brings a unique perspective to my D.C. staff, and will help keep Alaskans up-to-date on the political issues that affect our state. The federal government has an oversized presence in our state, and Alaskans' interest in the federal government is unders… Continue Reading


Murkowski Responds to Tribal Voting Access Plan

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the Department of Justice plan to increase voting access for Alaska Natives and American Indians, saying: "I welcome the commitment of the Department of Justice to engage with tribal governments to improve voting access in our Nation's tribal communities. Through better communication, obstacles to casting a ballot can be identified and addressed. The right to vote is fundamental, and all Americans must be able to exercise this right."… Continue Reading


Murkowski Commemorates America’s D-Day Success, Recalls Alaska’s Largely Unwritten WWII Past

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today reflected on the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day military maneuver, while reminding Alaskans of the attacks on American soil at Dutch Harbor that were also commemorated this week. (Click to watch Senator Murkowski's message for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.) "Earlier this week, Alaska remembered the 72nd anniversary of our state being attacked by Japanese planes. On June third and fourth of 1942, Japanese bombers took aim at Dutch Harbor and the Ma… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski: EPA Power Plant Rule Threatens Reliability of Electricity Grid

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today said the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) unilateral effort to bypass Congress and impose climate regulations on the economy threatens the reliability and affordability of the U.S. power system. (Click for video of Murkowski floor speech) Murkowski, the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, made her comments Thursday afternoon on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The full text of her speech is be… Continue Reading


Murkowski’s Work Bolstering Alaska Fisheries Sustainability and Alaska, Arctic Nautical Needs Passes Appropriations Committee

WASHINGTON, DC - The Senate Appropriations Committee today passed the Commerce, Justice and Science 2015 funding bill containing several provisions written by Senator Lisa Murkowski - and included by her in the final funding legislation released Monday - to improve and maintain Alaska's world class fisheries, Arctic navigation, tsunami debris and other priorities for the state's federal waters. The legislation passed today now heads to the United States Senate for final approval. "It is critic… Continue Reading


Murkowski Secures Funds for Alaska Fisheries Sustainability through Approps Efforts

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science has finalized its 2015 bill which includes the strong funding for fisheries management requested by Senator Lisa Murkowski. "It is critical that fisheries managers in Alaska have the resources necessary to conduct the stock assessments and surveys they need to set quotas that ensure our wild, abundant fisheries remain sustainably managed." The funding in this bill supports the North Pacific Council, the Pacific Salmon Comm… Continue Reading


Murkowski Seeking to Protect Safety Officers in Funding Bill

With Alaskans still coming to terms with the loss of two Alaska State Troopers in the line of duty, Senator Lisa Murkowski today inserted language in the 2015 Commerce, Justice and Science funding bill to have the Department of Justice evaluate a nationwide "Blue Alert" system to alert the public when law enforcement officers are killed or injured in the line of duty. "We owe our law enforcement our respect and support, including protection from potential harm," said Murkowski. "A 'Blue Alert'… Continue Reading


Murkowski Comments on Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

Senator Lisa Murkowski today shared the following thought with the news that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl - stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson - was released today after months of negotiations: "On behalf of the Alaskan community and a grateful nation, I am proud to welcome Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl back to his brothers and sisters in uniform - and also to his family and friends who have held out hope while dealing with sleepless nights for all these years. "With Sergeant Bergdahl stationed a… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Alaska to Keep Territorial Records

Senator Lisa Murkowski today welcomed the news from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that NARA will transfer approximately 92 percent of its Territorial Court Records holdings to the Alaska State Archives. These are records that pre-date statehood and include court proceedings; birth, death and marriage records; mining and other property records; and more. "Alaska's Territorial Court Records reveal part of the fabric of our state's history, and should not be ripped out o… Continue Reading


Murkowski Responds to Shinseki Resignation

Senator Lisa Murkowski today had the following response to the news that VA Secretary General Eric Shinseki offered his resignation to President Obama, and it was accepted: "No one can question General Eric Shinseki's service to our nation or his patriotism. However, it is fair to ask how entrenched the system-wide bureaucratic problems are that General Shinseki inherited and how best to push to the VA into a more transparent and effective era. "From our state's vantage point, Secretary Shins… Continue Reading


Murkowski Announces Public Schedule for Dillingham, Togiak and New Stuyahok

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced her public schedule for the remainder of the Memorial Day Senate work period. Following are details of public events: DILLINGHAM WHEN: Thursday, May 29th - 7:00pm WHAT: Town Hall Meeting WHERE: Dillingham Elementary School Gym 711 Seward Street TOGIAK WHEN: Friday, May 30th - 10:30am WHAT: Togiak Community Meeting (and Lunch Afterwards) WHERE: Togiak Seafood Plant NEW STUYAHOK WHEN: Friday, May 30th -- 4:00pm WHAT: Communit… Continue Reading


With Archives Digitizing, Alaskans to Get Say in Prioritizing

Senator Lisa Murkowski welcomes the news from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that it will listen to Alaskans' opinions about which historical records should be digitized first after the physical documents are moved to the NARA facilities in Seattle. The deadline for Alaskans to offer their views is June 10th. Alaskans can see what records NARA currently has stored in Anchorage at "While I continue to have unanswered ques… Continue Reading


Navy Commander Reminds Alaskans of the Toll of Service

WASHINGTON, DC -On this Memorial Day weekend, Senator Lisa Murkowski is releasing her 23rd Veteran Spotlight interview, focusing on the military service of Sterling resident Commander William Howell Jr., a veteran of the United States Navy. During his 20 year carrier, Howell served on submarines across the country and around the world during the Cold War, the First Gulf War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his Veteran Spotlight interview, Bill Howell recalls following in his father… Continue Reading


Murkowski Committee Efforts Aid Alaska’s Veterans

The Senate Appropriations Committee today approved a number of Senator Murkowski's priorities for Alaska's more than 77,000 veterans passed through the Senate Appropriations Committee. The language she secured in the Fiscal Year 2015 Military Construction/Veterans Affairs funding bill would address both new concerns like the understaffing of the Mat-Su VA outpatient clinic and lingering concerns over delivering "Care Close to Home" for Alaska's military community. "Alaska embraces and apprecia… Continue Reading


Murkowski Deep Draft Arctic Port Amendment Passed by Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski's innovative provision to allow for development partnerships to finance an Arctic Deep Draft Port passed the Senate today and is headed to the President's desk for a signature. The port infrastructure language was a component of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) bill, which also includes Murkowski priorities to support rural and subsistence harbors throughout the state and transfer land from the federal government to the City of Seward that wi… Continue Reading

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