Academy Nominations

Each year, I have the privilege of nominating a select group of Alaska high school graduates for appointment to the United States Military Service Academies: the United States Air Force Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy, United States Military Academy and United States Naval Academy.

The President of the United States officially makes all appointments to the United States service academies. However, each member of Congress is allotted a limited number of nominations, which they may submit for consideration of an appointment (by the academy) to fill the vacancies at each academy. Because securing a nomination does not guarantee an appointment or offer of admission, the process is highly competitive. You are therefore encouraged to apply to as many sources as you are eligible, including, but not limited to, your Congressional Delegation, and the Vice-President of the United States. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to their congressional sponsors and their academy of choice in the spring of their junior year, but may apply while their senior year is underway.

Each applicant seeking a nomination from my office must meet the following eligibility requirements:

• Age: Applicant must be at least 17 years old, but not yet 23 years of age on July 1st, of the year of admission (25th birthday for the Merchant Marine Academy). 
• Citizenship: Applicant must be a United States citizen, and a legal and permanent resident of Alaska. 
• Marital Status: Applicant must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

In addition to obtaining a nomination from a Congressman, you must also complete the requisite admissions application with the academy, or academies, to which you are applying. You may contact each academy by clicking the links below:

U.S. Air Force Academy
U.S. Military Academy
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
U.S. Naval Academy
U.S. Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard Academy does not require congressional nominations. If you are interested in attending the USCG Academy, you should contact the Academy directly at USCGA, Admissions Office, New London, Connecticut 06321 ( or by calling 1-800-883-8724.

The application packet may be downloaded by clicking the form at the bottom of this page. Once you have completed all of the application requirements, please send your completed application packet to my Anchorage District Office or the Washington DC office by November 10th (or if the deadline falls on a weekend or federally recognized holiday, then the next business day).

Due to the volume of applications that must be processed, extensions beyond this deadline are not possible. If an applicant’s application and required materials are not received by November 10th (or if the deadline falls on a weekend or federally recognized holiday, then the next business day) the applicant cannot be considered for a nomination. I encourage you to follow up with my office to confirm receipt of your completed application.

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of academic performance, intelligence, leadership ability, moral character, adequacy of preparation, and commitment to attend a service academy. I commend you for your interest and wish you the best of luck. Applicants may be interviewed by a review panel, depending on availability and other factors, including but not limited to the competitiveness and number of applications received for the application period.

* Please note that you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view and print the form above. This software, which is a free download, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Download the 2024 Academy Nomination Application here. The application will be due on November 10.