There are many ways for Alaska residents and those with ties to the state to reach me and my staff to express any questions, comments, or concerns. You may call my Alaskan or Washington D.C. offices, send me a fax, write me a letter, or send me an e-mail using my on-line service below. With the heightened security, and extensive mail screening on Capitol Hill, postal services have become extremely slow. Therefore, I urge Alaska residents to use one of my on-line e-mail forms below.

Regrettably, due to the volume of mail that I receive, I am only able to research and address those messages sent to me from Alaska residents. If you are not a Alaska resident, I encourage you to send a message to the Senators from your state of residence. The tradition of Senatorial courtesy calls upon Senators to give their colleagues the opportunity to assist constituents within their home states. You may want to visit for a link to the websites of each member of the United States Senate.