Issues & Priorities

  • Alaska Natives & Rural Alaska

    Alaska has more indigenous people as a percentage of our State’s total population than any other State in the Union.

  • Alaska's Fisheries

    Alaska's fisheries and fishing industry are the very heart of Alaska's coastal communities and crucial to over 60,000 Alaskans across the state who directly or indirectly base their livelihoods on it.

  • Arctic

    With the loss of seasonal sea ice and increased interest in shipping and energy development in the Arctic, one of Sen. Murkowski's top priorities is to raise the awareness level of critical Arctic issues among the highest levels of government.

  • Budget, Spending, and the National Debt

    In the United States Senate, Lisa Murkowski has earned the reputation of a tough fiscal conservative who will always fight for the Alaska taxpayer. 

  • Defense

    It is said that no people support the military like the people of Alaska. Military families from across the country arrive in Alaska apprehensive about the distance their new posting is from home but quickly warm to Alaska and wonder why they ever lived anywhere else.

  • Education

    Education is a priority and must continue to be a priority. It is our responsibility to provide the younger generation with the education they need to succeed in today's ever challenging world. 

  • Energy

    As the Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Lisa Murkowski is one of the foremost experts on energy policy in the U.S. Senate. 

  • Health

    Quality healthcare is critical to maintaining the health and well-being of our citizens. This issue is especially critical in Alaska, where health care costs can be up to 70 percent higher than in the lower 48.

  • Infrastructure

    The bipartisan bill will upgrade and modernize our core infrastructure—making critical investments in roads, bridges, rail, ferries, ports, airports, energy, water systems, and broadband. The landmark legislation also strengthens electric grid resiliency and minerals supply chains (including for clean energy technologies), while reforming the permitting process and providing for wildfire mitigation. In total, it provides $550 billion in new spending over five years, without raising taxes, and will grow America’s economy, create jobs, and push against inflation.

  • Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  • Veterans

    Our veterans exemplify a tradition of service, dedication, and valor that we uphold as Alaskans. With more than 77,000 such men and women, we have a special responsibility for serving the needs of our military veterans.