Alaska Public Radio Network: Debate Heats Up on Murkowski’s Move to Restrict EPA on Greenhouse Gases

Debate is heating up over an amendment Senator Murkowski (R-AK) is considering introducing this week on the Senate floor. It would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating some greenhouse gases. The amendment, which Murkowski would tack on to a spending bill, would ban the EPA from regulating “stationary” places, like industrial plants or power plants – allowing it only to regulate moving sources like cars. On Tuesday, the White House weighed in against Murkowski’s possible legislation. The President’s Energy Czar Carol Browner says the White House does not think it’s a “good idea.” Browner says legislation should not come in the form of amendments on spending bills, because they can cause what she called “unintended consequences.” Murkowski has not yet decided whether to introduce the amendment this week, but acknowledged on Tuesday that it’s drawn controversy.

You can listen to the audio here.

By:  Originally broadcast by the Alaska Public Radio Network on September 22, 2009