Alaska Public Radio Network: Senators Debate Climate Change, Energy Legislation With President

Both of Alaska’s Senators attended a White House meeting Tuesday on climate change and energy legislation. They were among a group of 23 Senators summoned by President Obama to the closed-door meeting to talk over policy. The White House called it a “constructive exchange” and said the President is still pushing for putting a price on carbon. The White House says that would make clean energy profitable, and hold polluting companies responsible.

Begich said in advance of the meeting that he thinks momentum is growing to move forward on a climate bill. He says Republicans are dangling “Cap and Trade” as a target because it’s language that’s politically unpopular, but he says that’s not productive, because there are other ways to go about pricing carbon.  

You can listen to APRN's audio here.
Source: By Libby Casey. Broadcast June 29, 2010