KINY: Murkowski offers reaction to Zelensky's speech, speaks to Biden about getting canned salmon to Ukraine

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - During an interview with News of the North, Alaska Senior United States Senator Lisa Murkowski offered her reaction to the speech by Ukrainian President Zelensky.

"It was very clear to me he was not just addressing members of Congress.   He was not just addressing President Biden.  He was addressing the world.  He was addressing every person who comes from a free and democratic country."

Murkowski added that Zelensky was urging us to see that the people of Ukraine are fighting for some of the same values that we in the United States hold dear.  She said he was asking for support for freedom, support for democracy, and he was urging us with everything that he had in his words to stand with the heroic, courageous, and brave people of Ukraine and stand with them for freedom.

Afterward, Senator Murkowski was able to speak to President Biden during a signing ceremony for the Violence Against Women Act.  "I made a direct plea to him about helping us identify who it is that is taking point on getting humanitarian aid and relief into Ukraine.:

She said that the seafood industry in Alaska has organized surplus canned salmon it would like to send to Ukraine.  Murkowski said there are hundreds of thousands of cases of instant protein in a can.  "It's a matter of how we might be able to direct it," she said.

Source: KINY