KTUU: Murkowski discusses the future of policing across the country

As protests surrounding the issue of police brutality carry on across the United States, members of Congress are sharing their thoughts on how the debate could reshape their communities.

The Gray DC staff interviewed lawmakers on how police training, accountability, funding and force could change in their states because of this call for action.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she is looking at the border efforts at safe policing reform.

"Making sure that these standards that we're seeking to put in place are first off responsive to the concerns that have been raised, but I also recognize that in Alaska a significant part of our challenge comes to public safety," Murkowski said. "We lack oftentimes sufficient numbers in our forces. Whether they're in an urban area like Anchorage, Fairbanks, or out in the rural areas where we simply don't have the number of law enforcement."

To watch the full two-part interview with Sen. Murkowski, watch the videos above.

Source: KTUU