KTUU (NBC): Murkowski says containing spill, not laying blame, should be focus

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is threatening the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

While engineers attempt to find a way to plug the leaks, BP and the Coast Guard are working with private citizens to protect the coast.

Recent developments in the weather and ocean currents have been favorable, keeping most of the oil offshore and giving coastal defenders time to prepare.

In Washington D.C., Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says now is not the time to place blame in the spill.

Speaking at a press conference, Murkowski said containing the spill is the most pressing concern.

"There's a lot of focus right now; folks want to bring in the individuals from BP, get the execs in here and basically start pounding them. My interest right now is to make sure that everybody who can do anything to help contain the spill is doing that job right now," she said.

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Source: Originally broadcast May 04, 2010