KTVA: Murkowski and other senators call for extension of Census 2020 deadline

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is part of a bipartisan group asking for more time for the Census Bureau to complete the 2020 census.

Murkowski and Sen. Brian Schatz, (D) Hawaii, are leading a group of 48 senators from both sides of the aisle who are calling for an extension of the census deadline because of logistic delays caused by COVID-19.

The group of senators is suggesting the deadline change be included in the next COVID-19 relief package.

“Extending the deadlines for the delivery of these files in the next COVID-19 relief package will ensure that the Census Bureau has adequate time to complete a full, fair, and accurate 2020 Census. It will also ensure that both the Congress and the states receive accurate data for apportionment and redistricting,” the senators wrote in their letter to House and Senate leaders.

Currently, the Bureau is scheduled to complete all census gathering by Sept. 30, 2020. That date is actually sooner than a previous date set for Oct. 31.

Information from the census is used to determine federal funding and state redistricting.

By:  Jennifer Summers
Source: KTVA