KTVA: Murkowski-backed bill would help Alaskans prepare for landslides

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, along with four other U.S. senators, is introducing legislation that would help communities prepare for and respond to landslides. The National Landslide Preparedness Act would establish a National Landslide Hazards Reduction Program at the U.S. Geological Survey, which would identify and understand landslide risks and prepare for future landslides.

“Alaska has been dealing with the impacts of landslides for decades, most recently as a result of the Southcentral earthquake last November,” Murkowski wrote in a statement Thursday. “Due to the great work by the U.S. Geological Survey, we had quick access to accurate data on high-risk areas for landslides and were able to warn people accordingly. This legislation will enable the Survey and other agencies to continue making those projections to help keep communities safe.”

The bill would also direct the USGS to implement a program to collect and update elevation data across the country, which would help communities better prepare for landslides and manage their infrastructure. According to an assessment conducted in partnership with the USGS, the creation of a nationwide program like the one outlined in the National Landslide Preparedness Act has the potential to generate $1.2 billion to $13 billion annually in new benefits.

By:  Angela Krenzien
Source: KTVA