KTVF: Chena Hot Springs Showcased First Electric Car Charging Stations

Fairbanks, Alaska Renewable energy was celebrated at the 13th Annual 'Renewable Energy Fair' at Chena Hot Springs Sunday.

"Chena Hot springs is the new electrical car plug-in destination," said Bernie Karl, co-owner of Chena Hot Springs.

Two electric car owners made their way to the event and were the first to use the new charging stations.

"Pretty sweet, yeah, we charged here last night, were able to charge on geothermal energy and in six hours, I got enough to drive back to Denali Park," said Kirk Martakis. "The ice has been broken now and we have a few, and people are starting to travel and people are starting to understand the benefits of it, so I think in these next couple of years, we're going to see a big influx of charging stations all over Alaska."

Senator Lisa Murkowski spoke on the progress Alaska has been making in renewable energy.

"So you have to build that infrastructure first, you have to believe in it, so whether you're Cordova or whether you're out here in Chena, whether you're in Fairbanks, you make that commitment, you say it's not going to happen until someone takes the first step, and I think it's exciting when that risk is taken, that first step is made and then you can have that follow on, that change we're all waiting for," said Murkowski.

Bernie Karl announced at the Energy Fair that a Fairbanks resident Phil Hewitt agreed to have the first solar powered electric charging station in Fairbanks. Once the charging station in Fairbanks is up and running, it will be visible on the website plugshare.com, where users can see charging stations that are nearby.



By:  Sara Tewksbury
Source: KTVF