KTVF: Murkowski Fights Wotus Rule

Senator Lisa Murkowski announced legislation today, through an Interior Appropriations Bill, that will block the Environmental Protection Agency's 'Waters of the United States', or WOTUS rule.

Murkowski has long opposed the rule that she says would expand the EPA's ability to regulate Alaska's land and water.Her legislation imposes a one-year delay on the implementation of WOTUS. Her bill also facilitates a land transfer between the state and the federal government, allowing the construction of an 11-mile gravel road between King Cove and Cold bay. It would run through a section of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The road would provide emergency medical transportation out of King Cove.

Also today, Murkowski chaired a Senate Energy Committee Hearing on pipeline infrastructure, where she spoke on the value of the Trans- Alaska Pipeline system to the state and nation. Murkowski said "Without it, I can tell you for a fact, we would not be able to fund our state's government. Energy is the life blood of our state and we have to continue to fight to boost the throughput of that pipeline, which is vital to the energy security of this country, particularly the west coast where the refineries are optimized to process North Slope Crude."

Link to original article: http://webcenter11.com/story/murkowski-fights-wotus-rule

By:  Staff Reporter