KTVF: Murkowski with Bi-partisan group of senators write letter to President Trump

Democrats, Republicans and one Independent Senator sent a letter to the President voicing concerns over the current immigration policy. 
Senator Lisa Murkowski, along with a bipartisan group of over two dozen senators, sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to keep families together. 
"This sad chapter in our nation's history must come to an end," Murkowski said. 
"While we represent constituents from all faiths and political backgrounds, we have all heard one consistent message–The United States government should not separate children from their families except in extreme circumstances. As we work to find a permanent solution, we urge the administration to use all available resources currently at its disposal to reunite families as soon as possible," the letter stated. 
Although the senators welcome tackling the immigration issue, they do not agree with the extreme measures the administration has taken. 

By:  Julie Swisher
Source: KTVF