Maritime Executives: New Study Reveals Maritime Sector's Impact in Pacific Northwest

Just in time for National Maritime Day, the Transportation Institute and the National Maritime Partnership have released the results of a study showing the impact of the American domestic shipping industry on the Pacific Northwest economy.

According to a new report prepared by leading consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on behalf of the Transportation Institute, U.S. domestic shipping is responsible for $2 billion in economic activity in Alaska and another $6 billion in Washington State. Regionally, the study shows that domestic shipping employs more than 38,000 people, generating over $2.5 billion in worker income and producing nearly $10 billion in economic activity across the Pacific Northwest.

“Alaska is a major maritime state with more coastline than all of the other states’ coastlines combined. Our navigable waterway network of over 5,400 miles is the largest in the country. In my state, a strong domestic maritime industry is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. The welfare of our people and our economy is dependent on the U.S. maritime industry, providing over 6,000 Americans with maritime jobs that significantly contribute to the economies of Alaska and our nation,” said Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

In addition, according to MARAD, shipbuilding activity fuels another $120 million in economic impact in Alaska, creating employment for 1,000 Alaskans and providing nearly $80 million worker income.

“The new economic data is proof positive that U.S.-built vessels crewed by American mariners provide our communities and our country substantial benefits from jobs and investments,” said Tom Crowley, chairman and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation. “This study shows the domestic maritime industry is integral to the economic success of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the entire nation. The men and women in the maritime industry also provide irreplaceable support to our military’s readiness and homeland security. These benefits demonstrate why experts and elected officials readily support the U.S. maritime industry and the legal framework protecting it.”

By:  Marex
Source: Maritime Executives