Murkowski calls for more support of nuclear energy

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Sen. Lisa Murkowski is asking President Barack Obama to back up his claims that he supports nuclear energy.
Murkowski made the comments on the Senate floor Monday, urging the administration to expand the role of nuclear energy in the nation's energy strategy.
While Obama has said in the past he supports nuclear energy, he's also said the United States must not increase its reliance on nuclear energy until national security and nuclear waste disposal have been adequately addressed.
Murkowski said Obama has focused on renewable and alternative energy, but hasn't given enough thought to nuclear.
"And while there has been some mention about nuclear energy being part of the overall energy strategy, the actions of the administration do not support the claim," Murkowski said.
Murkowski's comments came as House and Senate energy committee members seek to craft new legislation.

Source: Megan Baldino