Murkowski delivers Republican rebuttal to stimulus bill

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska's congressional Republicans voted against the economic stimulus bill that passed its final hurdle Friday night.
On Saturday Sen. Lisa Murkowski addressed the issues of the bill she opposed, and says many Americans are being misled about the long-term effects the bill will have on the economy.
"The government pays its bills by selling promissory notes and by printing money," Murkowski said during the weekly Republican Web address. "Who will buy these notes? They will be bought by countries that already hold enormous sums of U.S. debt.
"All this spending adds up, and it has to be paid back -- paid back by our children and their children. And, as of now, the American people don't have the facts about the total cost."
Murkowski also says less than half of the discretionary spending of the bill will reach its intended target within the next two years.
Congressman Don Young was also outraged by the bill, and voted against it.
Democratic Sen. Mark Begich called the bill imperfect but voted for it, saying it would help create jobs Alaskans need.

By:  Jennifer Castro