One American News Network: Bipartisan bill allows military to purchase nuclear energy

Lawmakers are reaching across the aisle to save nuclear energy.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and her Democrat counterpart Cory Booker of New Jersey introduced a bill on Capitol Hill Thursday to help the struggling energy.

The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act would allow the military to purchase power from commercial nuclear reactors.

While lawmakers admit the Pentagon may have to pay above market rates, the money will reportedly go toward making nuclear energy more sustainable.

Murkowski has been a vocal supporter of nuclear energy during her time in Congress, praising the power source for emitting zero greenhouse gases.

“Nuclear energy here in America needs to be a robust part of our energy portfolio,” stated Murkowski. “It has all the components that make energy good; affordable, abundant, clean, diverse and secure.”

According to experts, the bill could help the U.S. achieve energy independence as it competes with state-owned nuclear energy developed in China and Russia.

Source: One American News Network