Rapid City Journal: THEIRS: Pollock purchase to help hurting Alaska fishermen

Alaska and the United States are wealthy by most standards; most Alaskans have what's absolutely necessary. So when another need arises, it's appropriate to work together to meet it.

Such is the case with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's nutrition assistance programs.

The USDA has decided to buy up to $30 million of Alaska seafood for its various nutrition programs. The seafood of focus is pollock.

Now, it's not all about meeting the need of consumers. It will help the commercial pollock industry, as well. It has been affected by the retaliatory tariffs from China. These tariffs come in response to tariffs imposed by the United States on China. The USDA decision will help fishermen and Alaska's coastal communities.

But it also will provide food — and a healthy one at that — for Americans who benefit from the USDA nutrition programs, often including lunches in schools across the country.

This is a win-win for Alaska and Alaskans, which is the result of Alaska's senators — Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan — pursing the prospect with the USDA.

This is the result of effective Alaskans in Washington, D.C., where getting the right thing done is something to applaud.

Source: Rapid City Journal