Roll Call: Snow? What Snow?

Those Alaskans sure are rugged types. Not only was the office of GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski "fully staffed" bright and early Monday morning despite the thick layer of snow blanketing Washington, but the gang of hardy souls was doing a little snow trash talking.

"We don't take snow days," boasts Michael Brumas, Murkowski's communications director.

Take that, silly blizzard.

The dozen or more Murkowski-ites trekked in from the far-away 'burbs and nearby neighborhoods, unhindered by what in Alaskan standards was a light dusting. Luckily, the brave souls weren't the only ones in the Capitol complex and were in no danger of going all Donner Party - despite the smaller number of workers, Senate-side eateries remained open.

Still, Brumas couldn't help but take a swipe at some other Senate offices in the Hart Senate Office Building, who seem to be made of less stern stuff. "It's kind of lonely on the seventh floor," he said.

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Source: Originally published by Roll Call on February 08, 2010