Your Alaska Link: U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski: "Change Can Be An Extraordinary Opportunity For Us"

In an exclusive interview at the U.S. Senate, our Senior Senator offered her stance regarding the new Presidential Administration. 

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski stated, “People have been viewing 2017 and this new incoming administration as one of change, and change can be disruptive; change can be unsettling.  But change can also be an extraordinary opportunity for us.  I think we need to recognize that, and to embrace the opportunities that will present themselves when you have new leadership coming in; an opportunity for a new exchange of ideas.”

The nation has been slow to accept these changes, but U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski remains optimistic. U.S. Senator Murkowski detailed, “My hope is that it will be a peaceful and a harmonious exchange.  I know that there is again, some concern, because it was a very contested election, and that contention is still at play out there.  Not everybody’s candidate won-that’s what happens in elections.”

Presidential protests continue to persist across the country.  U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski added, “The amazing thing about this country is we have been able to hand over through a transition of power in a democracy, that allows us to continue to be recognized as the strongest, most prosperous and most peaceful nation in the world.  I hope that is the direction that we take going forward, and I look forward to that.”  

By:  Maria Athens
Source: Your Alaska Link