Shutdown, Working to Open Government


Many Alaskans that I’ve heard from in the last few days are concerned and frustrated about the government shutdown, especially about how it will impact their daily lives. Though you may have already seen stories touching on this topic in the paper, online and on TV around Alaska, I’d like to share the information I have in hopes of helping you in every way possible.

Each government agency is required to implement contingency plans for operating during a shutdown, meaning agencies’ plans may be different and frequently updated. A list of these plans can be found at the Office of Management and Budget website. There is also a helpful question-and-answer news article about the impacts of the shutdown that you can read by clicking here. One question I’m asked about frequently is mail delivery: the United States Postal Service will be delivering mail during the shutdown because it operates as an independent business unit.

Beyond that, I encourage all Alaskans to visit these sites to find additional answers to common shutdown-related questions:

Shutting down the government is no way to govern. I fear that this shutdown could disproportionately harm Alaska and the economy with a ripple effect. My aim is to resolve our budget situation so that we fund the government and provide paychecks for rent, gas and grocery money for the thousands of Alaskans who work for the federal government, and to provide vital services for our veterans, seniors, children and disabled. Congress has already unanimously passed HR 3210 to provide pay for members of our Armed Forces as well as civilian personnel, and contractors of the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard who are supporting members of the Armed Forces, but there is more work to be done.

I want Alaskans to know that as we work to find a solution to this matter, my offices are open for those seeking help or answers. For more information about my office locations or contact information please visit my website by clicking here.