The Murkowski Memo August

Dear Alaskan,

As we grapple with record inflation and painfully high gas prices, I continue to push the Biden administration to allow Alaska to responsibly develop the resources we have in our own backyard. Approving common sense projects like Willow can help bring down inflation, create jobs, and improve U.S. economic growth. Dealing with the administration is a challenge, but we do have good things coming our way.

Over the last month alone, Alaskans have been selected for numerous grants as a result of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. These include historic funding for ferry service, the Ted Stevens International Airport, and for high-speed internet.

As a senior Appropriator, I’ve been hard at work shaping the Fiscal Year 2023 spending bills. I’ve secured roughly $500 million in Congressionally Directed Spending for over 130 projects in our state that will support workforce development; housing, water, and wastewater infrastructure; community safety; salmon research; mental and behavioral health; military members and their families; and more.

It’s important to remember the Congressionally Directed Spending does not increase federal spending levels. Rather, it ensures that spending priorities are directed by the people that their elected representatives and not by non-elected agency bureaucrats. Alaskans have raised these projects to me as their top priorities, so I’ll be doing everything I can to steer them into law by year’s end.

Last week, the Senate passed the PACT Act to provide better healthcare access and coverage to veterans who had toxic exposures during their service to our nation. I was proud to support this legislation every step of the way, and I’m eager for it to be signed into law so that our veterans can receive the first-rate care they deserve.

As always, my time back home in our great state—connecting directly with you—continues to drive my work in Washington, DC. It’s an honor to serve Alaskans.

Take care, 


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