Alaska Delegation Introduces Legislation Naming Juneau Courthouse Facilities

Bill to honor, recognize the late Judge Robert Boochever

The Alaska Congressional Delegation, looking to honor his many years of service and dedication to the state of Alaska, has introduced legislation to name the federal courthouse facilities in the Juneau Federal Building after the late Judge Robert Boochever.

Judge Boochever moved to and began his service to Alaska in 1946 first as an assistant U.S. attorney and later as the fourth Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court. In 1980, Judge Boochever became the first Alaskan to serve on the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where he served for 30 years.

“I can think of no better way of honoring Judge Boochever’s dedication to and work on behalf of the State of Alaska and Nation than to name the courtroom in Juneau after him,” said Rep. Young. “In his roles as Assistant U.S. Attorney, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court and as the first Alaskan on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Boochever made invaluable contributions, especially notable were his contributions to our State’s jurisprudence of privacy by upholding our right to be left alone in our own homes.  Judge Boochever was a giant in both the Juneau and Alaska legal communities and with the help of our Senators, I look forward to passing this bill.”

“Judge Boochever had an incredible legal career that spanned more than 60 years in Alaska, much of it in Juneau. His impressive legal resume included serving as a private and public attorney, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court, and the first Alaskan to serve on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Colleagues describe him as a fierce protector of the First Amendment, a tireless advocate for the rights of minorities and the disadvantaged, and a man who truly loved the law,” Sen. Begich said. “Naming the federal court facilities in Juneau after this stellar jurist and Alaskan would be a fitting tribute to one of the most outstanding judges Alaska has ever had.”

“It is appropriate that the Federal Building and Courthouse in Juneau be named for Robert Boochever, a pioneer of Juneau’s legal community – and the first Alaskan to serve on the Ninth Circuit, US Court of Appeals. Arriving in Juneau as an Assistant US Attorney before statehood, he spent the next 25 years of his life building the Faulkner, Banfield and Holmes, Weddle and Barcott law firms into two of the most important firms in the State of Alaska,” said Sen. Murkowski. “He served on the Alaska Supreme Court during one of its most productive periods and helped define the legal principles that govern our young State.”

When he wasn’t practicing law, Judge Boochever was very active in the Juneau community working with such organizations as the American Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce and Juneau Rotary Club. In 1974, he was named Juneau Man of the Year.