Alaska Senators Commemorate State’s Purchase from Russia 150 Years Ago

Resolution Recognizes Alaska’s Sesquicentennial

U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan (both R-AK), introduced a resolution (attached below) commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Alaska Purchase. This resolution highlights important events from the past 150 years and recognizes the many characteristics that make our state so unique.

“Honoring our 150th anniversary as part of the U.S. gives us the opportunity to look at Alaska’s rich and diverse history and to see Secretary of State William Seward’s vision carried out. He recognized Alaska’s vast resources – both natural and human – and understood what they could contribute to the nation,” said Senator Murkowski. “Cession changed Alaska forever, giving our earliest pioneers hope and opportunity. Alaskans have the backbone, determination, vision, and willingness to take a chance. Today, that pioneering spirit remains.”

“One hundred and fifty years ago, forward thinking leaders, including Secretary of State William Seward and some very forceful Congressman and Senators, saw huge possibility in the contributions Alaska could make – both in terms of our natural resources, and our national pride, and our national security,” said Senator Sullivan. “Alaska has made good on that early promise, and we still have the vision of those leaders driving us to a brighter future. Alaska has contributed so much to our nation. It is our great land. Working together, we will make sure that it continues to live up to its name, for us, our children, and for generations to come.”

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