Alaska Veterans Saluted by Library of Congress

Senator Murkowski’s Veteran Spotlight Series Seen as National Model

WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Lisa Murkowski’s “Veteran Spotlight” was recognized this morning at a Library of Congress event as a model of the ‘Best Practices’ for its Veterans History Project – an effort to share the oral accounts of war from America’s veteran community and inform future generations of their bravery and valor.  Murkowski launched her “Veteran Spotlight” series last Memorial Day, and Alaskans from the Alaska Territorial Guard to veterans of our present military conflicts have shared their stories.

“I thank Alaska’s modest veteran community for opening up and sharing their experiences through the Veteran Spotlight effort, and giving Alaskans a window into our wars that we cannot get through news articles or history books,” said Murkowski.  “In honoring their stories today, the Library of Congress shows that they believe these men and women are providing powerful testimonials for the nation of patriotism and commitment.”


Some of the Alaskans featured in Senator Murkowski’s Veteran Spotlight project – CLICK to view

 “The Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress has truly resonated with the American people – not only veterans themselves but their spouses, their children, their grandchildren and their compatriots in military service,” said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. “We are pleased to be working with Senator Murkowski’s office whose Veterans Spotlight honors Alaska's veterans and also serves as a model for others in Congress and across the nation as they participate in the Veterans History Project.”

 The Veteran Spotlight project can be viewed online on its webpage, at the Alaska Veteran’s Memorial Museum in Anchorage and will soon be broadcast statewide on 360 North.