Budget Means a “Stronger, Sturdier American Economy”

Senator Votes for Congressionally-Negotiated Budget

Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted for the Senate Budget Resolution (S. Con. Res. 11) and explained her vote afterwards, saying:

“Today the Senate did something it hasn’t done since 2009: pass a budget resolution agreed upon by both chambers of Congress.  It’s just the most recent example that the United States Senate is getting back to being a functioning body Americans and Alaskans deserve.  Getting a budget agreement on Capitol Hill is important for the nation because it gets us closer to regular order with a responsible appropriations process and out of the cycle of ‘auto pilot’ continuing resolutions.

“The agreement we worked out with the House of Representatives balances the budget within ten years without raising taxes.  A balanced budget means less debt.  As a nation, this will mean more investment, jobs, and purchasing power for the average American. The independent Congressional Budget Office broke down the numbers and found this budget alone could boost America’s economy by $400 billion over the next decade – which, when distributed nationally, could mean over three thousand jobs created in Alaska, and thousands of dollars more in income per family.

“We’ve seen what happens when you just throw money at our country’s problems; what we need is a more comprehensive, long-term strategy, and that’s what today’s budget represents.  Fiscal restraint, intelligent and targeted spending and jobs.  That’s a road map to a stronger, sturdier American economy that’s built to last.  Today’s bill is the culmination of countless hours between me and my Senate colleagues to get this body back up and running, and remind the American people that Capitol Hill can indeed deliver results to improve their lives.

Today’s bill also includes the amendment she introduced and watched pass unanimously during the budget process, making the construction of polar icebreakers a national priority.