Committee Holds Briefing on ANCSA in Practice--How ANCSA Works in the North Slope Region of Alaska

Recently, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs (SCIA) Office of Vice Chairman Lisa Murkowski held a briefing for Congressional staff to highlight how Alaska Native organizations work together in the North Slope, given the unique approach to federal Indian law, which includes the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Representatives from the region shared how multiple layers of representation and service delivery systems provide for and enhance the lives of the Iñupiat. The briefing covered the unique legal framework in Alaska as well as the ways Tribes, tribal profits, municipal governments, and Alaska Native corporations all work together in providing critical services to Alaska Native people in the area.   

“I am glad Congressional staff were able to attend the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs briefing to learn more about the Native institutions serving communities in the North Slope,” said Vice Chairman Lisa Murkowski. “By building collaborative partnerships across a fragmented system, Alaska Native leaders deliver a broad range of vital programs, services, and opportunities. Together, they provide for the long-term sustainability of their communities in one of the most remote regions in the nation. I thank all of the participants who made the journey from Alaska to share the history, unique federal policy framework, and their experiences in promoting the health, well-being, and economic advancement of their region—which helps to enable federal policy that benefits Native people.”

ANCSA in practice

Pictured: Attendees at the ANCSA in Practice Briefing


ANCSA Participants

Pictured: Participants from the North Slope region briefing Congressional staff

Participants from the North Slope region included:

  • Bridget Anderson, Vice President, External Affairs, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Debby Edwardson, Chair, Board of Trustees, I?isa?vik College
  • George Edwardson, President, Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope
  • Taqulik Hepa, Director, Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough
  • Morrie Lemen, Executive Director, Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope
  • Martha Monnin, President and CEO, Arctic Slope Native Association