Committee Reviews Nominee for the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today chaired a hearing of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to consider the nomination of Aimee Jorjani to be the chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Council). If confirmed, she will complete the remainder of a four-year term expiring on June 10, 2021.

Murkowski opened the hearing by thanking Jorjani for her willingness to serve our country and highlighting her qualifications for the role.

“Aimee Jorjani appears to be very well qualified for this role, both in education and professional experience. While previously serving at the Department of the Interior, she was the Special Assistant for Historic Preservation for six years, and was also selected to be the first Department-wide Historic Preservation Officer,” Murkowski said. “With the right leadership, this Council will be an advocate for the historic preservation of America’s most important sites. It will also be a watchdog, providing accountability to ensure the National Historic Preservation Act is not used to delay or halt projects and investments.”

Murkowski noted this is the first time the committee has considered a nominee for chair of the Council, which was upgraded to a Senate-confirmed position through the passage of the National Park Service Centennial Act in 2016. The Council is an independent federal agency that “promotes the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of our nation’s diverse historic resources, and advises the president and Congress on national historic preservation policy.”

Murkowski is chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. An archived video and witness testimony from today’s hearing are available on the committee’s website. Click here and here to view Murkowski’s questions for Jorjani.

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