ICYMI: Senator Murkowski Hosts “Access Live” Event

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) this week hosted her “Access Live” event— an interactive phone call for Alaskan constituents to voice their concerns and hear directly from the Senator. From Anchorage to Fairbanks, to Napaskiak and Sitka, Alaskans across the state weighed in on seafood tariffs, the Supreme Court vacancy, climate change, and domestic violence, among other issues.

 Access Live Audio

“I try to weigh Alaskan views as thoroughly and as balanced as I can, and I’m best able to do that when I receive good, constructive feedback. Hosting my “Access Live” event gave me the opportunity to connect with Alaskans. Due to a shortened state work period on the Senate schedule, I’m not able to be back in the state this month as much as I anticipated, or would like. While I always prefer face-to-face conversation, this interactive phone call enabled me to hear directly from Alaskans on their concerns and issues that matter most to them,” said Senator Murkowski. “Thank you to all the Alaskans that were a part of the conversation - I appreciate hearing from you.”

During the call, Senator Murkowski received feedback on a range of Alaskan priorities:

Supreme Court Nominee: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski discuss the vetting process of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh)

  • (Excerpt) “I think the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him more in detail about so many of these areas- whether it is Executive powers, whether it is 4th amendment and privacy issues, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, the role of stare decisis and precedent. These are the areas I want to spend the time with this individual to really understand where he may be coming from and his thinking.

Russia Interference: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski weigh in on the Mueller investigation

  • (Excerpt) “I have been one that has been very clear in my statements, that I believe the Mueller investigation needs to proceed. It needs to follow to its conclusion.”

Climate Change: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski address responding to coastal erosion)

  • (Excerpt) “This is an issue that has to be addressed through multiple agencies, through multiple approaches, recognizing that there is no one solution to any one community.”

Healthcare: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski talk through Medicare reimbursement)

  • (Excerpt) “Many of the protections that I support, such as ensuring that those with pre-existing conditions remain covered, that young people up to the age of 26 can still remain on their families policies- these still remain in place. But we still have a great deal of work to do to reform healthcare and access to care in the state of Alaska.”

Voting Rights: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski comment on the important of access to voting)

  • (Excerpt) “We’ve had this conversation and discussion before about the significance, the importance, of ensuring that not only every vote counts, but that there is no voter that is disenfranchised.”

Receiving Alaskan Input: (Click here to hear Senator Murkowski highlight the importance of Alaskan input.)

  • (Excerpt) “I try to weigh Alaskans views as thoroughly and balanced as I can. And I’m best able to do that when I receive good, constructive feedback from you all.”

Following the event, all callers were offered the opportunity to leave a voicemail message directed to the Senator’s office, to voice concerns or ask unanswered questions.