Law Enforcement in Alaska to Get Needed Federal Support

Information-Sharing Programs, Sexual Assault Prevention Get Funding for 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – Justice programs with significant importance to Alaska received millions in national funding today in an appropriations bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee, according to Senator Lisa Murkowski.  The bill now heads to the U.S. Senate for a final vote.

Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) – crucial to Alaska law enforcement because they allow police across the state to coordinate with other state agencies in the Northwest – received $35 million in federal funds.

“Alaska’s vast geography creates unique challenges for Alaska’s public safety officers,” Murkowski said.  “RISS improves the odds that those who travel to Alaska with bad intentions will not fall through the cracks of police agencies.”

A National Clearinghouse on Sexual Assault of American Indians and Alaska Native Women was also established under the appropriations measure, allocating $500,000 to create the clearinghouse.  Youth Mentoring Grants that help fund programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide were also included in the FY12 CJS appropriations bill.


Justice FY12 Funding:


  • Violence Against Women Act Funding                     $417 million
    • Includes $500 ,000 for National Clearinghouse on Sexual Assault of American Indian and Alaska Native Women


  • Regional Information Sharing System                       $35 million


  • Youth Mentoring Grants                                            $55 million


  • Drug Court Program                                                   $35 million