@LisaMurkowski Holding“Brown Bag Town Hall” This Week

Senator to Answer Alaskans’ Concerns Directly Via Twitter This Thursday

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski announced today she will be holding an Alaska “Brown Bag Town Hall” this Thursday to engage directly with her constituents statewide on all the topics they are concerned about.  “There are so many issues coming to a head in Washington, D.C. that have huge impacts on Alaska,” said Murkowski.  “Budget questions, military operations, Arctic issues and energy legislation – those are just a few of the subjects Alaskans ask me about, and social media gives me the opportunity to speak directly to them from 4,000 miles away.”

Senator Murkowski will begin responding to tweets on July 21st starting at Noon ADT. Responses that can be given in 140 characters will be. But some questions may need more, so she may send as many as three tweets to better convey her thoughts.  Entries will be prioritized by whether they (A) come from Alaskans and (B) have to do with issues presently facing the United States or U.S. Senate.

In case respondents won’t be in front of a computer or on a smartphone Thursday, questions are being taken from Monday until the end of the “Brown Bag Town Hall.”

“Alaskans sit down at lunchtables every day with questions and concerns about how Capitol Hill actions translate to the Last Frontier,” Murkowski added.  “I’m looking forward to grabbing a chair and joining that lunch hour discussion.”


When: Sen. Murkowski responds to tweets starting Thursday at Noon ADT for 30-40 minutes.

How:   Ask a question of @LisaMurkowski – or to save space, use the hash tag #BBTH.