@LisaMurkowski’s “Brown Bag Town Hall” Goes Overtime

Senator’s Twitter Conversation with Constituents Exceeds Expectations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Murkowski conducted her first “Brown Bag Town Hall” discussion with Alaskans using social media, and needed extra time to answer the flow of questions submitted via Twitter.  “While some of my Senate colleagues can jump on a train or drive home to keep in touch with friends back home, Alaskans – as usual – have to be more resourceful,” said Murkowski. “I was happy to share my thoughts and answer questions 4,000 miles away – and had fun doing it.”

The Twitter conversation was a mix of 12 real-time answers from Senator Murkowski, with 7 responses to people who had ‘tweeted’ in advance because they’d miss the event. The event was originally scheduled for 10-12 questions and just 30 minutes, but due to participant response, Senator Murkowski answered 19 questions over 45 minutes. (Picture attached)

The Twitter conversation ran the gamut from serious policy concerns:

@gwendobbs How can we trust BP given the recent spill near Prudhoe Bay?

and @49thStateofMind Do you think a project like Pebble Mine should require a statewide vote for approval?

To less political questions:

@wendipqa How'd the Senator do dipping this year?

(Senator Murkowski responded that she caught 63 reds)

And ended with appreciative feedback like:

@wrtheuer @LisaMurkowski thank you for your time and willingness to innovate in reaching out. Stay cool back there.

To get a glimpse of the exchanges, visit Twitter and use the hashtag “#BBTH” to see the back-and-forth between Senator Murkowski and constituents.