Majority Blocks Consideration of Amendment to Fix Problematic EPA Regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Democratic leaders today blocked an effort by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, to forestall dangerous regulations that threaten efforts to revive the American economy.

Murkowski, the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, sought a vote on her amendment to the Interior and Environment Appropriations bill that would have prohibited the Environmental Protection Agency from racing ahead of Congress to regulate stationary sources of carbon dioxide.

Democrats objected to consideration of the amendment, stifling debate on the devastating impact EPA regulations on carbon dioxide from non-mobile sources will have on the economy.

“There’s a legitimate policy debate that needs to be had on this issue,” Murkowski said. “Unfortunately, too many of my colleagues across the aisle are not interested in discussing the merits of my amendment.”

Murkowski has said the amendment would help avoid the “economic train wreck” that would result from the EPA regulating stationary sources of carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

Murkowski has simply asked the administration to give Congress time to craft responsible legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions without endangering America’s economy. Today, the Democratic leadership of the Senate said “no.”

The full text of her floor speech is attached.

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