Murkowski “Angry, Frustrated and Mad” At Deficit Talks

Senator Praises Isakson, Stresses Need to Find Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski spoke on the U.S. Senate floor and shared her frustration at the lack of progress being made as the August 2nd deadline to raise the nation’s debt ceiling grows closer – and the continuing lack of a responsible long-term solution to America’s rising deficit. Here is a transcript of her comments:

“As we have deliberated all day, there’s been a lot of finger-pointing and a lot of blame – and as the Senator from Massachusetts has noted, a lot of times it seems that the comments are just going past one another rather than directed in a purposeful way that would make a difference in this debate.

“We started out this morning with the message from the leaders arguing over who was filibustering. We’ve all talked about the need to seek compromise here and then we go on to talk about why we can’t compromise. We need to be working towards a solution to the problem as opposed to just attempting to cobble together a deal to get the necessary votes.

“The one thing I would hope we’re all working towards is to avoid the default that we all fear. We’ve all been listening to our constituents, calling us this weekend. As we read our e-mails, as we talk to friends and neighbors, the concern is very real."

The one thing we have managed to do on a bipartisan basis here in this Congress over the past few days is to incite fear in the American public – to make our constituents angry, frustrated and mad. Well, misery loves company: We’re angry, frustrated and mad here, too.

“I would like to suggest that as the hours wind down we come together as a body here in the Senate and in the House to find a compromise.

“Senator Isakson stood on the floor earlier this afternoon and spoke of the contours of a proposal that worked to integrate the good ideas of several different members – of Senator Reid, of Speaker Boehner and of the Minority Leader, Senator McConnell.

"We should be working to find those areas where we agree, because those areas are in fact in place.”

VIDEO of the statement is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2WRB-ejGcw