Murkowski Applauds NARA Digitization of State Records

Senator Gets Confirmation from Archives that Process is Underway

Senator Murkowski received confirmation from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that their Seattle facility plans to digitize the irreplaceable federal records removed from Alaska when the NARA facility in Anchorage closed earlier this year. Based on the input of Alaskans who commented about the importance of various records, the NARA Seattle staff is in the process of prioritizing which records will be digitized first.

“Maintaining access for Alaskans to the history of our great state is critically important” said Senator Murkowski. “Our past tells our story in a direct and exact way that Alaskans should be able to read and learn from. Records of federal agencies pertaining to land sales and real estate, fisheries, forests, and even personal letters and photographs are as important to Alaska’s future as they were in creating Alaska’s past.”

In July, Senator Murkowski confirmed that NARA was in receipt of the priorities identified by the State of Alaska. Senator Murkowski also wrote to the Archivist of the United States to express her support for those priorities identified by the Alaska Federation of Natives. Senator Murkowski also continues to push for continued access to these important records through the Appropriations Committee.