Murkowski Blasts Democrat Proposal to Raise Debt Ceiling by $1.9 Trillion

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Senate this week may vote on a Democrat proposal to raise the federal debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion. Sen. Murkowski announced today that she will oppose the measure.

"Our nation's credit card is beyond its limit. The budget deficit for the last fiscal year reached $1.4 trillion - roughly three times the previous single year record. Now, rather than move forward with fiscally responsible policies, the Democrat leadership has chosen to bring to the floor legislation that would raise the nation's debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion to an astonishing $14.3 trillion. This would mark the fifth increase to the debt limit in the last 18 months and the third increase in less than one year.

"The current course is clearly unsustainable. If we do not address the fiscal crisis, we will be passing on to our children a weaker country than we inherited."

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