Murkowski Celebrates 225th Anniversary of U.S. Constitution With Alaskans, Students

Senator: Document Began the Conversation We’re Still Having Today

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today is U.S. Constitution Day, marking the 225th anniversary of its signing.  Senator Lisa Murkowski today released the following reflection to Alaska and students learning American history statewide:

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“Happy Constitution Day, Alaska.  I think that the anniversary of our country ratifying this incredible document is a day worth celebrating – and a day of us remembering our roots over the last 225 years.

“Just look at the first three words in the preamble: “We the people.”  Now more than ever, we must remember that there’s more that unites us as Americans than could possibly divide us. Americans are particularly blessed, and especially devoted to the concept that all men are created equal.  The men who wrote and signed the Constitution were pioneers for freedom and liberty – and we owe it to them and to each other to take on the challenge to maintain it, protect it, and improve it where we can.

“The Constitution lays out the architecture of our democracy and our government: the three branches of government, the rights and freedoms we all enjoy – in many ways, the culture we all participate in.  Today more than ever, may we not take those for granted.

“The Constitution is the beginning of the discussion among Americans about the role of government in our lives – and the tension between the states and the federal government so familiar among us Alaskans – the same conversation we continue to have today.

“The Constitution is an example of people coming together from rural and urban areas, north and south, and hammering out an agreement that can work for everyone.  But above all, the Constitution is America’s “Contract with All of Us”: the promises made, the rights acknowledged and the humility bestowed upon us from the founders.        

“On Constitution Day, 2012, I share the wishes of Abraham Lincoln with all Alaskans and Americans: that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.  Thank you for your time, and God Bless the United States of America.”