Murkowski Celebrates “Hidden Heroes” of Black History Month

Alaskans Know Well the Legacy of Civil Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Murkowski today shared with Alaskans her commemorating for Black History Month:


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“Every February, Americans come together to celebrate Black History Month. It is a valuable way for Americans across the country to appreciate and recall the profound impact African Americans have had on American history. There are many leaders you have heard of, including Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Malcom X, Thurgood Marshall, and George Washington Carver – even this year’s attention given to Solomon Northup. They and their stories changed the world we live in and impacted the future of every American.

“But there are hidden heroes in Black History – not the men or women we read about in books or see in movies, but the household heroes of mothers and fathers and grandparents who made sure that their children knew their worth and value when it seemed the loudest and angriest voices disagreed.  We honor them this month too, for quietly instilling this faith in future generations – a whisper of faith we all see fully vindicated today.

“This year’s theme for Black History Month is “Civil Rights in America.” The civil rights movement changed America because brave men and women stood up against the status quo and fought for the equality guaranteed in the same Constitution we all hold dear. Not once did they compromise their ideals and through hard work and dedication, they overcame the obstacles and ensured a better life for every future child.

“Alaskans are especially aware of the importance of civil rights and the dignity it empowers people with, having witnessed the fight take place for Alaska Native civil rights long before the Lower 48’s debate came to be.

“Whether through ideas or spirit or drive or faith or persistence, our nation is stronger a better one due to the contribution and active engagement of African Americans.  Let’s use this month to acknowledge those who have changed our history."