Murkowski Commends Indian Prime Minister’s Address to Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski today welcomed the address that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, delivered to a joint session of Congress.

“It was a privilege to attend a joint session today to listen to Prime Minister Modi and hear his warm, humorous, and insightful words. As he said, India and America have a strong bond and mutual goals that help bring peace, prosperity, and stability to the world. From our common love of democracy to the fact India trades with the U.S. more than any other nation, I am confident our relationship will only continue to grow.

“Like Prime Minister Modi, I strongly support our nations’ increasing strategic defense cooperation. We are partners in the fight against terrorism. And the U.S. Army Alaska is playing a leading role in training alongside their Indian counterparts as part of the Pacific Pathways initiative, so that we can be prepared for both humanitarian and military missions in that region. 

“Alaska and India may be thousands of miles apart, but we share our own unique bonds. Many Indian Americans live in Alaska, adding greatly to our communities and our culture. India could soon be a major destination for our energy, minerals, and other natural resources, providing new economic opportunities that will benefit our state. And so it is critical that we keep growing the connections between us. 

“This was an excellent address that honored the best of both of our countries – our past, our present, and the promise of our future.”

Modi is the fifth Prime Minister of India to address a joint session of Congress.