Murkowski Comments On Rural Post Office Hour Changes

Senator: "Shared Sacrifice" Through Proportionate Changes Will Help Save the Postal Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski had the following reaction to today’s announcement from the United States Postal Service that – rather than enact targeted closures to rural post offices nationwide – it has determined that cutting business hours would save more money and do less harm to smaller communities:

“I have always said that I would fight any cut from any government service that hurt Alaska disproportionately -- and it appears the USPS is attempting to address its tough financial situation while maintaining full access to postal services."

“In an era of e-mail and text messages, the United States Postal Service is feeling the pinch in the form of billions of dollars of red ink –and Alaskans are always ready to do our part in times of need.  Altered business hours at post offices may be a fair method of shared sacrifice."

"I have also been informed that the five Alaska post offices that were at risk of closure will remain open for the near future – to be reviewed again at a later date.  Since this business hour change decision will save the postal service twice as much as the original closure proposal would have, I am hopeful that Alaska closures will be seen as unnecessary. I will continue to be a strong advocate for postal access statewide -- the residents of Douglas and our military families need the mail as much as rural Alaskans.”