Murkowski Comments on TAPS Shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, released the following statement on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System's temporary shutdown on Saturday after an oil leak was discovered in a transit line at Pump Station 1.

Sen. Murkowski spoke with Admiral Tom Barrett, CEO of Alyeska Pipeline Co., yesterday soon after the spill was discovered.

“While I am relieved, for the moment, that the leak appears to be contained and has not resulted in a release into the environment, I remain concerned about the potential impact both on oil prices and Alaska’s economy of even a short-term shutdown of the pipeline,” Murkowski said.

“The integrity of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline is paramount to our nation’s energy security and a spill of any size is a major issue that must be fully corrected to maintain the confidence of the American people," Murkowski said

Sen. Murkowski, the ranking member on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, last year requested a full review of the pipeline. That review, which is ongoing, is expected to be completed this spring.

"Last year I asked Alyeska to begin a thorough safety review of TAPS, and this is precisely the sort of event that such a review will help guard against," Murkowski said. "I remain confident in the ability of Alaskans to continue to provide the nation with safe and reliable supplies of domestic energy."