Murkowski Comments on Unveiling of Final Democrat Health Care Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, issued the following statement today regarding the Majority Leader's unveiling of the final Democrat health care package:

"The Majority Leader has finally unveiled his manager's amendment that only a handful of Democrats have seen because it was assembled behind closed doors. The Democrats' $2.5 trillion health care bill will impact one sixth of our nation's economy, yet most senators, much less the American people, have not even seen the manager's amendment language. Senators will have barely 36 hours to review the 383-page amendment before a vote in the dead of the night. Such a limited period of time does a disservice to our constituents. Alaskans will not have the time to review, let alone understand the package that was assembled in secret.

"A majority of Americans have spoken loud and clear that they do not want this bill passed, yet the Democrats are not listening. They are rushing to approve the legislation before Christmas, and that is profoundly wrong. Why the rush, along with the late night and early morning votes? Because they don't want the American people to know that the bill cuts Medicare by nearly $500 billion, raises taxes and increases insurance premiums. Senate Democrats need to push this partisan product through before even more Americans join to express their profound dissatisfaction with this legislation.

"It isn't too late to stop this runaway train and start over by considering health care reforms that both sides can agree on such as banning lifetime caps on insurance and coverage denial based on pre-existing conditions, enacting junk lawsuit reforms and allowing insurers to sell across state lines."