Murkowski Criticizes Latest Health Care Move

Senator: “Here They Go Again”

In response to the Health and Human Services letter dated 7/16, that United States territories can opt out of many provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Senator Lisa Murkowski issued the following statement: 

“Here they go again -- after continuing to selectively push the pieces of the flawed health care law to suit their agenda, and offer waivers when convenient, this administration has once again unilaterally changed the law when politically convenient.

After years of Territory leaders pleading with the administration, and with my efforts last December urging Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius for help, we were simply told that change would not be possible -- that hands were tied. Now the administration realizes that its failed law is not working and that the so-called "young and invincibles" are not enrolling as expected, resulting in skyrocketing costs for all, while undermining the stability of the insurance market.

The administration needs to recognize the unique needs of the territories as well as small population states like Alaska where premiums under the healthcare law have seen double and triple digit increases for some Alaskans from 2013 to 2014.

They said their hands were tied, and now they've decided it's in their interest to untie them. I wish this administration would listen to the interests of Americans struggling with the skyrocketing premiums and no improved access to care. Enough with the political calculations; let's look at Americans' household budgets and truly improve health care.”