Murkowski: Cut, Cap and Balance Agenda Not “Back Burner” Issue

Senator Says Morning Vote “Continues the Game of Kick The Can”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Murkowski voted to press forward with the “Cut, Cap and Balance” agenda this morning in a U.S. Senate vote to proceed with debate or table the legislation, and gave the following statement after the measure was blocked on a 51-46 count:

"I voted to allow the Senate to debate the Cut, Cap and Balance Act because the federal government needs to cut current spending levels, cap future spending levels, and balance the budget. I worry that putting off these issues onto the back burner postpones that critical conversation, continues the game of kick the can and ignores America’s key trouble: irresponsible spending.

“I will admit there are aspects of this bill I don’t support. I’m very concerned about the provision tying an increase in the debt ceiling to House and Senate passage of a Constitutional amendment.  America must pay its debts, so we cannot tie raising the debt ceiling to something that will not pass the House or the Senate.

“To be clear – I do not support raising the debt limit to simply allow for new spending.  But we must ensure the United States honors its financial obligations. We must balance our budget, and I’ve co-sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment to show my commitment to that goal.  We must get control of our addiction to spending.  But we must do it intelligently.

“The Senate should have agreed to a full debate on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act so we could actually discuss how to change the fact that the United States borrows forty cents of every dollar it spends.  We must do our duty to the American people and stop our never-ending cycle of spending.”