Murkowski: Debt Limit Increase Ignores America’s Fiscal Issues

Senator: Congress Suspending Debt Ceiling “Does Nothing But Punt” on Spending

Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted against a measure to lift the federal debt ceiling through March 15th, 2015, and explained her vote to Alaskans:

“I voted against the so-called “clean” 13-month suspension of the debt limit because it represents an abdication of Congress’ responsibility to address a national debt that exceeds $17 trillion – over $54,000 for every man, woman and child in this country.  We owe more to America than to simply increase the debt without addressing the root cause.  Alaskans and Americans deserve better, and Congress leads best by demonstrating restraint – not by suspending our debt limit for more than a year.

“We know that our current fiscal trajectory is unsustainable and requires a serious conversation about our nation's spending problem. There are many good ideas out there and we need to look at all of them – whether it’s a return to the annual budget resolution process, dollar for dollar cuts, mandatory spending reform, or comprehensive tax reform.  Congress must work together to develop a comprehensive approach to reign in government spending– this proposal does nothing but punt until next March.”