Murkowski Disapproves of Debt Ceiling Raise

Senator Critical of “Lack of Political Will” to Address Debt

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski expressed her disapproval of the nation’s rising debt in today’s Senate vote.

“I voted for today’s disapproval resolution to join the millions of Americans – across the political spectrum – who agree that we need to rein in our nation’s finances.  Earlier this month, America hit a dubious distinction - our national debt is now as big as the entire United States economy. In other words, our yearly financial product in terms of goods and services now matches the hole we’ve dug for ourselves dollar for dollar.

“In just three years, the national debt has jumped from $10.6 trillion to our current obligation of $15.2 trillion and we’re now lifting the debt ceiling to $16.3. This is clearly not sustainable – but it is a situation we got into on a bipartisan basis, and we’re going to need to get out of it on a bipartisan basis.

“Dealing with our debt is a difficult but absolute necessity. I voted for today’s disapproval resolution because I do not approve of the lack of political will on the part of the nation’s leaders to start making the hard decisions to right our path.  As I told hundreds of Alaskans during last fall’s town halls, there are several serious and comprehensive proposals already available to us and I stand ready to join my colleagues in taking on this critical issue.”