Murkowski Discusses Arctic Agenda with Speaker of the Icelandic Parliament

Senator Lisa Murkowski today met with Einar Kristinn Guðfinnsson, the Speaker of the Icelandic Parliament, to discuss the United States’ role in the Arctic, Iceland’s ties with Alaska, U.S.-Iceland relations, and potential areas of cooperation. (Senator Murkowski’s most recent thoughts on America’s Arctic Agenda have been published throughout Alaska, and can be read here.)

“When I was in Reykjavik for the Arctic Circle Assembly last month, I was very impressed by the high level of importance that Iceland places on Arctic matters and wanted to share some thoughts about how to prioritize the Arctic in the United States,” said Murkowski. “America simply must develop a robust Arctic agenda like those seen in the other Arctic nations, and with input from those who have reached this goal in their own countries, we can intelligently press forward to demonstrate leadership in the region.”