Murkowski Encouraged by Alaska, Wal-Mart Meeting

Dialogue “An Important First Step” at Keeping Alaskan Seafood on Shelves

WASHINGTON, DC — At the close of a meeting between Alaskan and Wal-Mart officials to discuss the world’s top retailer recognizing the sustainability of Alaska salmon, crab and other seafood and continuing to sell it, Senator Lisa Murkowski shared the following statement:

“Alaska salmon is globally recognized as a delicious, sustainable brain food and our fisheries are the envy of many in the international industry when it comes to sustainability, regardless of whether we pay to have a London-based organization confirm this fact.  I believe Alaska’s fishermen are the best at what they do and they bring some of the finest seafood in the world to market.  I thank the Wal-Mart sustainability team for taking this important first step and sitting down with some of the top Alaskan minds on our fisheries, to take a close look at the meticulous care and thought that goes into how we manage fisheries in our waters to make sure that we have the best fish today and for generations to come.”

Murkowski reached out to Wal-Mart earlier this summer to schedule a sit-down (letter attached), after which the corporation scheduled a meeting at its Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters for today.  Among those in attendance were staffers of Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI). Senator Murkowski's office was represented via video teleconference from Washington, DC.

During the meeting, a Wal-Mart representative told the Alaskans there that “Alaska is important to Wal-Mart,” and that he wants to ensure that Wal-Mart customers have access to Alaska salmon and seafood in the years to come.  Wal-Mart will now review and evaluate the information presented by ASMI representatives and the Parnell administration, continuing to work with the State of Alaska to validate the sustainability of Alaska’s fisheries.