Murkowski Encourages Alaskans to Learn Online Today

On Digital Learning Day, Focus More on Self-Improvement than ‘Selfies’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Murkowski shared a message in support of National Digital Learning Day, being commemorated statewide (at locations like Haines, Juneau and Kenai) and across the United States today:


Click on the image above to watch her video message 

“Across Alaska, digital technology is opening up doors many never thought were possible.  Every day, teachers bring students into a vast world by using computers, iPads, and even smart phones. Through technology, even students from remote areas across our state can be connected to the rest of the world. Technology is changing the way we learn, communicate and understand different cultures, and it’s been pretty impressive to watch.   

“Today, in communities across the State, libraries and schools are holding special events today to promote digital learning. In Juneau, the Alaska State library will be holding a “learn to podcast” event. At the Haines school district, you can learn how schools integrate digital learning. And in Kenai you can take a tour of all the Community Library has to offer. I encourage you to get out and see how your community is using technology to broaden horizons.    

“Now, I’ll come clean: I haven’t been the best with some of the technology out there - but thank goodness for my kids who try to help me. I’ve learned to adapt in this digital age. Technology has helped me stay connected to Alaskans while I travel back and forth from Washington, D.C.  This little phone keeps me linked to everything from what’s happening on the Senate floor to keeping track of my son in college and even tracking Kikkan Randall on her road to the Olympics. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t imagine leaving the house without my iPhone.

“There’s a lot of talk about “selfies” nowadays but I think digital tools are far more valuable for self-improvement.  So do a quick web search and find out what opportunities are happening near you – and see how Alaskans are connecting with one another and learning online.”